Arcus Financial Advisors is an independent firm boasting a deep knowledge of the lending market in its various shapes, deriving from the professional expertise of its partners and from the assistance provided in favor of many among the most relevant industrial players in complex transactions, also working together with leading Italian and international financial institutions.
Arcus Financial Advisors is able to provide a multi-disciplinary approach, also thanks to the experience matured by its professionals in international financial and industrial fields and in international markets, both European and non-European, in particular on:

– analysis, appraisal and structuring of financial packages

– analysis of documents and negotiation capability

– Modelling
The company operates through a team of experts on a wide set of financial products (Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Export Finance etc.), with a deep knowledge and understanding of the related market, a consolidated relationship with the main market operators and Financial Institutions.

The sectors in which we operate:


Lending and acquisitions in the renewables sector (biomass, wind and PV) in the conventional power sector (combined cicles, cogeneration) other than in the energy infrastructures (transportation and storage of gas and electricity)

Mechanics, Plants, Telecom and Diversified sector

The experience matured in the Corporate Lending sector, so as in the Trade & Export Finance sector, allows us to provide assistance to the companies active in all those sectors related to design, plant and/or diversified industries, both for transactions to be structured in Italy and abroad


Support in financial transactions in healthcare, social and transportation infrastructures, both on a Corporate basis and on a Project Finance and General Contractor basis

Real Estate

Arcus Financial Advisor is able to provide specialized advise for the structuring and arranging of financings related to transactions in the hospitality sector and in Real Estate in general

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