How do we operate
Arcus Financial Advisors combine a deep knowledge of the lending  market in its various sectors that derives from the assistance provided to  most of the greatest industrial players in complex projects, working also  together with primary national and international financial institutions Arcus Financial Advisors is able to provide an international approach to its business, thanks above all to the experience of its own professionals  matured in international financial and industrial sectors and in foreign  markets, both European and extra-European, in particular on: screening and identification of industrial, commercial and financial  counterparties  analysis, appraisal and structuring of financial packages analysis of documents and negotiation capability modeling Arcus Financial Advisors operates by means of a team of market experts,  all specialized in the structuring and appraisal of even complex  financings, but at the same time with diversified competences, providing  the company with a multidisciplinary approach to the topics brought to  its attention, with an organic and coordinated analysis capability  
ARCUS Financial Advisors s.r.l P.IVA: 03380410104 Sede Legale Corso Magenta, 56 20123 Milano
The sectors in which we operate
Thanks to the experience matured in the market, we are able to provide advise on  sructred transactions both in the renewables sector (biomass, wind, photovoltaic)  and in the conventional power sector (combined cicles, cogeneration, etc.) 
In the Infrastructure sector, Arcus Financial Advisors is able to provide support on  the financing of transactions related to hospitals, roads, tolling motorways, metros  and urban transportation, prisons, sport stadiums, cemeteries, both on a Corporate, Project Finance and General Cnractor basis
The experience matured in the Corporate Lending sector, so as in the Trade &  Export Finance sector, allows us to provide assistance to the companies active in all those sectors related to design, plant and/or diversified industries, both for  transactions to be structured in Italy and abroad
Arcus Financial Advisor is abe to provide specialized advise for the strcturing and  arranging of financings related to transactions in the hospitality sector and in Real  Estate in general 
Who are our clients
Funds and Private Equity Companies (Italian/foreigner- construction, energy, mechanics,  plant design) Financial Institutions and ECAs Public  Administration (central and local)